The Week 16042017: The 15 best tracks from the last 7 days.

It’s Easter Saturday, I’m sitting in the office, sucking a big bottle of Wild Turkey, staring out the window at life just passing me by. My beard got longer as the day wore on, my thoughts got darker. Good Friday always sends me into a funk, all that death and being nailed to crosses and…

I can hear you – no need to Yelle

Here estas la electropoppingly maravilloso neu chanson by Yelle – Interpassion* (Recreation Center). Bit of a kraftwerky vibe to the whole affair, bloody marvellous isn’t it? Mi amas Yelle. *Ethan Ofrasio writes “the music is blocked from my country. Im from thw Philipines” [sic] SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 15 SWIT Playlist 2017