I wonder does he use a Roland, Rat Columns?

Rat Columns – Dream Tonight Stunning track from Rat Columns latest lp Candle Power. Here’s Dream Tonight. Out now on Upset The Rhythm. Weekly Playlist 2017 Spotify List

Polartropica – No-one can copy ya

Polartropica – Olympia Latest single from Polartropica called Olympia. Everything they release just makes me really happy. I bet if they released some doom metal it would make me really happy. Thankfully they haven’t. Another excellent pop single out now on Lolipop Records. Why aren’t they huge yet? Weekly Playlist Spotify Playlist

Just Like That – It’s Magic Bronson

Magic Bronson – Nervous We love it when bands get in touch with us here at SWIT like Magic Bronson from LA. Their excellent new single Nervous is the 1st new release from their forthcoming album due out later in Spring. I’ve had this tune on repeat now for 3 hours. Superb.Nervous is out now…

Hop aboard The Dream Ride

The Dream Ride – Night (Soaring Through The Shadows) 1st single from Los Angeles Electro-Magnetic Dream-Disco outfit The Dream Ride. Here’s Night and it’s great folks.Out now on Lolipop Records.