Interfew with: Woog Riots

Woog Riots are Silvana Battisti and Marc Herbert. The duo is based in Darmstadt (Germany). In March 2016 they released their 5th album “Alan Rusbridger”. Their career in pop music began in 2004 when they compiled and curated an international tribute sampler dedicated to Manchester’s indie icons “The Fall”. The double CD was released on…

The Fall : Manchester Roadhouse 1995

Setlist Pearl City The Joke 05:22 Idiot Joy Showland 08:42 Glam Racket 13:06 Don’t Call Me darling 16:39 M5 6-7pm 20:24 Gut Of The Quantifier 24:54 Middleclass Revolt 30:15 L.A. 36:05 Edinburgh Man 41:14 Life Just Bounces 45:55