SWIT Sounds Abound #7

Here we go, ten more super world indie tunes that tickled our fancy (is that still legal?) this week. Enjoy! The Innocence Mission -Look Out From Your Window (Bella Union) I’ve got a confession to make, I had never heard of The Innocence Mission until a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled across “Happy…

SWIT Sounds Abound #6

Monster Monster – yes ladies and gentlemen, we’ve super-sized our Super Sounds Abounds just in time for July, it’s like a Whizzer And Chips bumper summer special with two flakes! Polartropica – “Golden Soul” It’s been a while since we heard from Polartropica, but now Ihui Cherise Wu, for it is her, is back with…

SWIT Sounds Abound #5

Good afternoon! I could be watching Morocco v Iran or listening to these ten terrific tunes – well no competition, music wins every time. Today we visit Indonesia, Norway, Italy, Austria, Catalonia, Finland, Spain, France and Sweden! Class – enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend y’all. Peonies – Haliho (Nanaba Records) SWIT favs…

Red Sleeping Beauty have invited us to the Matinée

Well the excitement is reaching fever pitch (?!!) here in SWIT towers. Gerry is out on the balcony playing keepy-uppy (without a ball!, don’t ask), we’ve installed a bar and I’ve styled my beard à la Brazilian legend Socrates. Our good friends Red Sleeping Beauty contacted us about their unofficial Swedish (150/1) anthem “Dressed In Yellow…

SWIT Sounds Abound #3

Gerry’s bonged off to Barcelona for the weekend to that Primavera Sound thing and I’ve been left here sniffing my own roses. Frankly, it’s how I like it, nobody saying “put the wine away”, “put the whiskey away”, “put the crack away”, put the….you get the picture. So I can honestly say I’ve been trying…

SWIT Sounds Abound #2

Greetings from a very sunny Dublin! Here's our second SWIT Sounds Abound of 2018, a round-up of the best songs from our myriad subscriptions. 10 great tunes for all you loons. Everything added to our Best of 2018 lists as well. Scorchio. New Silver Girl – Phantom Ride (Soliti) Here is Helsinki’s New Silver Girl’s…

Hey Mister Nervous Man play a song for me

The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Nervous Man I’m sworn to secrecy on this one. I cannot tell you where it came from only who it’s by and when it’s out. So take a bow The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness who release this as a 7 inch in the Spring of this year….

LoE LoF LoN MadE ThiS TunE

LoE LoF LoN Meets Wayne Rex – Level Of Evidence Wanna hear something good but different? Check this out from LoE LoF LoN. I’m late to this so apologies to the artist but better late than never right? RIGHT. This off new album LoE LoF LoN Meets Wayne Rex out now via Bandcamp. Weekly Playlist

This is no joka this is my 1st time hearing La Habitación Roja

La Habitación Roja – Canción De Amor Definitiva This popped into our subscriptions feed and I’m nightly glad it did. It’s from Valencia’s La Habitation Roja 2001 album Radio and the track’s called Canción De Amor Definitive. Lots of music to delve into. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist

Nothing flat about Sexy Bicycle

Sexy Bicycle – Computer Virus Sexy Bicycle got in touch to tell us about his new album Ellipsis. Here’s Computer Virus off it.That break at 1 minute 20 seconds is class. Superb track. I’m going to really enjoy exploring all his other music. (I own a sexy bicycle btw.I’ll post a pic if you like)