Super World Interview Time: Örvar Smárason hits another home run.

Örvar Smárason’s debut solo LP “Light Is Liquid” (Morr Music) is something special indeed, but that is hardly surprising, given he has been a central figure of the Icelandic music scene for more than 20 years. Probably best known as a founding member of the legendary múm, he has been involved in many other bands…

SWIT’S Best Of 2017 Part 3

Part 3 of our 2017 Best Of- More tunes that made us swoon – immaculate Núria Graham – Cloud Fifteen (El Segell del Primavera) Sounding surprisingly Irish Plaisir de France & Barbara Carlotti – Herbes Mauves (Pschent) A definite purple patch Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason: Random Haiku Generator (Morr Music) Rise of the…

SWIT’s Week 13082017: Our 13 BEST tunes from around the world.

Procrastination is the thief of time, so without further ado here are the 14 best tunes we done heard this here week, by De Osos; Sunshine Reverberation; Vaya Futuro; Virgil ‘Vincent’ Work (Music From Memory); Jep and Dep; The Clientele; Kimi Kärki (Lord Vicar), Sin Fang, sóley & Örvar Smárason; Izza; Hope; Asfast, Soap&Skin and…

Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason serve up another ace.

Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason – Tennis I’ve been following these monthly releases from Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason and they never fail to produce something amazing. This is the 7th track released at the end of July called Tennis. Excellent. Out now via Morr Music. Weekly Playlist Spotify Playlist

SOS – Sin Örvar Sóley

Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason – Random Haiku Generator Sóley, Sin Fang and Örvar Smárason from Múm are collaborating on a new song each month throughout 2017. Random Haiku Generator is the first release from them and what a start. I’m dying to hear the next one already. Check it out guys. Wonderful.