SWIT’s Top 10 of 2017 chosen by SwitGerry.

Hi! Here’s my top tunes of 2017 that we’ve featured on SWIT. It’s been a real labour of love discovering all this great music and running the blog with Tom is an absolute pleasure. Thanks to all the artists,labels and promoters who’ve contributed to the site with their music,interviews and art work and we wish…

I went for a Wanda and look what I discovered

Wanda – La Ora Di Morta We’re not afraid to admit it here at SWIT HQ (currently broadcasting from the Cliffs of Moher) when we stumble upon something a bit later than we should have (TOM. OFFICE. NOW.) But this has just popped up on one of our label subscriptions and it’s absolutely mindblowingly brilliant….

If you don’t listen to this I’m gonna tell Umami

Neuschnee feat. Pippa – Umami Spotting that the SWIT hot air balloon was positioned over Austria this tune was beamed up to to us from Seayou Records. This is the wonderful single Umami from Neuschnee feat. Pippa Galli. It’s out now via Problembär Records (That’s a record number of record labels in one post) The…

Love this FLUT cocktail

We love it when people get in touch with us at SWIT HQ and we love it even more when the tracks are this good. This is a massive tune off Vienna’s FLUT’s latest ep Nachtschicht. Out now on Problembär Records (Seayou Entertainment). Love it. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist