SWIT’s Fortnight: Our 29 BEST tunes from around the world.

Hello, in catch-up mode isn’t it. July time, holidays, chilling by the pool, chillaxing like a tool, eatin’ strawberry fool, the music’s pretty cool, When I sleep I sometimes drool…..er..yes, anyway, good to be back in the hot seat so to speak, wearing some pretty funky hot pants too. So what’s been happening since I…

Only fools and horses – Poni Hoax

Poni Hoax – The Wild This is my first encounter with Poni Hoax – this is “The Wild” from new album “Tropical Suite” (Pan European Recording) and it is wild – wildly catchy, wildly tuneful and rather brilliant. Dig. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 26 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017