The Week 11122016

OK, Internet down , doing this on the mobile so I’ll keep it brief. The usual great music is here – check RIFKIN KAZAN, It It Anita, Flasher, The Molochs, DTCV, Yama Warashi, The Loch Ness Mouse, TENTS, WESEN, Little Big Sea, Tusen Takk, Y.M.C.K, Los Valses, Sundayman and Einar Stray Orchestra. Here’s an OMD…

The Week 23102016: Stand back, you fools!

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week, let’s kick off with some of the best indie music from around the globe – here’s His Clancyness, Leaves,  Winter Waves,  Pavo  Pavo, Black Palms  Orchestra,  Quentin, Buzz Kull, Slow Pulp, Coris, Hibernales, The Minders,  Powernerd, Onwe, Salmerón and Sarah  Ferri. Superb! A criminally great live show came from Interpol….