SWIT’s Week: Our 14 BEST tunes from around the world.

Another week, another stable full of galloping SWITS, wonderful hits, tunes that don’t quit, catchers with mits [that’s enough nonsense. Ed.] OK! Here they are – the 14 best tunes we heard this week from Satin Jackets and David Harks, Sequoyah Tiger, Yuzima, Chuck, SKRATTAR, K-MASERA, Lali Puna, I’m a Sloth, Elias Dris, Guillamino, CINTIA…

Better than O K-MASERA

K-MASERA – TECHNO-POP 39 This is the most perfect slice of Technopop you will hear all year. It’s by Tokyo’s K-MASERA. I adore it. Spotify 2017 Playlist