Megative set the tone.

Megative – More Time What a joy this song is from Magative. The band consists of Tim Fletcher, formely of Montreal’s the Stills, producer Gus Van Go (Arkells, Whitehorse, Hollerado), songwriting duo Like Minds (Jesse Singer and Chris Soper) and Jamaican-born dancehall maestro Screechy Dan. “More Time” mixes ska, reggae, dub and trip-hop and it…

Hands up Few fans! You’re Bustered!

Prince Buster, a king amongst men – The Prince wielded a greater influence on Jamaican music than any other single individual. He was there at the birth of ska, rock steady and beyond. Would 2-Tone have existed without him? No, no it wouldn’t. He chose music over boxing and produced knockout tunes time after time….