Nick gave us a holler about Color Dolor

Color Dolor – Anyway The Wind Blows Delighted to be the 1st site in the universe (outside Helsinki) to feature the brand new single and video from Color Dolor. Sometimes you hear something and you go “Holy Moly what the hell is this?” Well when Nick sent this in yesterday I went “Holy fuck, this…

I hope this doesn’t Helsinki without a trace

Puunhalaaja – Vanha kettu Nick from Soliti wrote how do you do? Here’s Puunhalaaja’s new single Vanha Kettu Tom paused the movie 50 Shades Freed And after we listened I immediately decreed I’ve to post it today it’s absolute class “Now Can I finish the movie,you know it’s the last?” Alright Tom I said but…

Lasten but first out on SWIT today – Here’s Tove

Lasten Hautausmaa – Tove Just out – the riff grabbed me form the start. This is Lasten Hautausmaa and a tune called Tove. Make you wanna go out. Which i think I will.It’s off new album III out today on SVART! Weekly Playlist Yearly Spotify Playlist

Your life will be fuller with Color Dolor

Color Dolor – Revolution “Banger” usually signifies “sausage” to me, only very rarely does it apply to a song in my opinion, in a good way anyway. I can say “Revolution” by Color Dolor is the rare exception. It’s a perfect expression of the personal revolution that happens when you find real friendship when shared…

Meow about this – it’s new from Cats Of Transnistria

Cats Of Transnistria – Tunnel & Candy Man This is Tunnel from SWIT favs Cats Of Transnistria. It’s from forthcoming LP Opium to be released via Solti on February the 2nd. Excellent tuneage. Seeing as it’s Friday we’re throwing in last single Candy Man too.

Iguana tell you all about Satellite Stories*

Satellite Stories – Chameleon *or Satellite stories are one in a chameleon. [You’re fired. Ed.] “In everything, you say there’s a whisper repeating like a broken note…” Here’s the devilishly catchy new single from Satellite Stories. Beautifully constructed, “Chameleon” is dance-oriented, indie-pop perfection with a nagging guitar line that keeps repeating like a broken note….

The Cats of Transnistria are clawsome

Cats of Transnistria – Candy Man The waning of the year is upon us, the night has vanquished the day and northerly winds blow chilly and cold. People lapse into long silences, staring into nothingness as the steam rises from scalding cups of tea. Frost sparkles in the dawn light, a silver lining for every…

F*ckin’ heck man – you have to check out Joni Ekman.

Joni Ekman – Tien päällä taas Classic rock riffage from Joni Ekman this is irresistibly catchy. Off new LP 3 : Uneton Tampereella LP – final episode of his rock trilogy. Need to investigate more. Weekly Playlist 2017 Spotify Playlist

Oh Mio my you make me sigh

Mio is the new solo project/alter ego of Berlin-based Finn Mia Kemppainen (of LCMDF fame). “Find It” is her first official release on Playground Music Finland, out on all platforms on the 6th Nov. The wonderfully animated video clip is out now and brings Mio to glorious, dreamy life. The track itself is a luscious,…

There’s no get-out claws with The New Tigers

The New Tigers – Three Shadows The nights are long and the shadows are longer (are shadows longer in the winter? Look it up). Anyways, they certainly gather earlier in the evening in both the physical and spiritual worlds round about this time of year. “Three Shadows” is the new single from Finnish indie wonders…

Shall we dwell on this song by Astrid Swan?

Astrid Swan- Dreaming Is Dangerous We have written about Astrid Swan’s outstanding album “From the Bed and Beyond” (Soliti Music) on a number of occasions so imagine our delight when we found out there was another track from the session that hadn’t made it onto the final disc. OK, sometimes you hear unreleased tracks and…

Henna Emilia & Houreet have conjured up a treat.

Henna Emilia & Houreet – Ameeba 98 seconds of Super World Indie Tuneage. Henna Emilia & Houreet are from Finland and this is off their latest EP Beibi, Mä Oon Pilalla. Love the rolling chord structure of Ameeba. S Spotify Weekly Playlist