Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Ē are a shore thing

Super World Indie Tune Of the Day 18.06.2019: “Afraid Of The Ocean” by Ē. Hello! This is “Afraid Of The Ocean” by Oslo-based Ē. The band are adept at writing lo-fi pop songs suffused with shadow and light. Looping rhythms, wiry guitars and world-weary, sugar-spun vocals combine to wonderful effect. “Afraid Of The Ocean” is…

We give E an A++++

This is E, who obviously don’t likE to makE things Easy on thEmsElvEs (or thEir ElvEs). ThEy hail from Boston and this is thEir brilliant nEw singlE “GrEat Light” which has just comE out on Thrill JockEy REcords. EEk! SWIT Weekly YouTube Playlist – Week 1 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Playlist 2016