Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Freedom Candlemaker waxes lyrical

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day -22.04.2020. Freedom Candlemaker – Gold. “Is it only me I can’t escape? Or is it just the world that’s grown so strange?” Prescient words indeed, from the new Freedom Candlemaker composition “Gold”. This is popsong as ruminative daydream. Hazier than a dusky summer’s eve, the slow melody echoes…

I’m dangerously beguiled by Arcadian Child

Arcadian Child – She’s On My Mind “She’s On My Mind” by Arcadian Child, from Cyprus, is a strutting, twisted psychedelic beauty. Love the squalling guitars, like sirens out over the eastern Mediterranean. It’s got a sweet break around 1:56 too before it picks up and kicks your ass one more time for good measure….