THE SWIT: It’s The Shit.

We have pronounced ourselves “The Shit”. Remember the “The”, it makes a big difference. To back up our audacious claim I present the following evidence, only the best new tunes from around the world m’lud, we’re talking Forever Pavot, Christian Löffler, Autodromo, Arcadian Child, Leoprrrds, Curxes, Micatone, Imarhan, IMustBe Leonardo, The Charlie´s Jacket and 실리카겔…

Serious tune here

Christian Löffler – Haul (feat. Mohna) This is new from Christian Löffler and addresses the often hopeless plight of refugees. A very powerful video directed by Marek Partyš und Dušan Husár. Music is of course excellent – featuring Mohna. Out now on Ki Records. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist