SWITing with the Center Of The Universe

SWIT’s LP Of The Week Here’s the new(ish) LP from SWIT fav Center Of The Universe. Jørgen Skjulstads teams up with a number of artists via Metronomicon Audio, the delightfully strange Norwegian creative collective he is a part of to give us “Singing with the Center of the Universe”. Yeah, it’s a bit like one…

Super World Interview Time: Lisa E of Nikki Oniyome

SWIT featured Nikki Oniyome’s new EP “Mizu/Sui 水”  not so long. I said I’ve listened many times to the four excellent electro-acoustic folktronic tracks and some impressions occur – installation pop, minimal, intelligent, cooly emotional, thoughtful, surprising, playful, unexpected, delightful. Each song is a different take on water music, from the cinematic “Drown”, the sombre and…

Water you waiting for? Dive in with Nikki Oniyome

Nikki Oniyome 鬼嫁日記 – Mizu/Sui 水 We featured “we move to make new words” by S L Y C on Metronomicon Audio last year (it made our top 10 of 2017) and here is another release from the label, can see a theme or even a “Metronomic sound” emerging? Well I’m saying yes. Step forward…

Interfew with: Center Of The Universe

We featured Center Of The Universe recently in our roundup of current Norwegian music. We caught up with Jørgen to find out a little more about his music and influences.

Skal vi danse? ! Few’s Norway.

Brick: You ever been to Norway Rerry? Rerry: I wanted to go but I couldn’t afjord it – geddit???? Ex Con: I’m Bergen you to stop with those puns.