Interfew with Florian Kreier of Angela Aux & Aloa Input

Florian “Flo” Tobias Kreier is a genius, he is everything and nothing, –  poet, author, musician and journalist. He’s up all night to get lucky, he’s everywhere and nowhere, he is the son and daughter of Schrödinger, he is the box the box the box. He is Angela Aux and Aloa Input, a son of…

Interfew with El Estrellero

El Estrellero write tunes I love to listen to.From La Plata,Argentina they are Gregorio Jauregui (Drums),Alejo Klimavicius (Guitar and Vocals),Lautaro Barceló (Guitar and Vocals),Juan Irio (Bass and Vocals) and Juan Baro Latrubesse (Keys).They know how to surprise…when to be quiet,when to be loud and all the time making you want to re-listen again and again….