Mannequin Trees are no dummies

Mannequin Trees – A Little Closer Mannequin Trees is the solo project of Brazilian composer, guitarist and vocalist Ícaro Reis. This is the new single “A Little Closer”, it’s a beautiful, languid tune, touching on longing and regret with delicious Eighties-tinged bass and keys. This would have been a major “slow set” floor filler for…

We will,we will RØKR

RØKR – You Wake I like this. It’s from RØKR. It’s out on Balaclava Records. Thank you. Weekly Playlist

I love ABC Love

ABC Love – Quem É Você? This is just excellent from ABC Love hailing from Sao Paulo I believe. It’s off their debut LP out now on Balaclava Records. You won’t hear a batter tune today – that comes with a 100% SWIT guarantee.Off to check out the album……. 2017 Spotify List

SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: Japanese Food by Giovani Cidreira

“Japanese Food” is Giovani Cidreira ‘s debut LP, however he is hardly a novice, he’s been “on the scene” in Salvador, Bahia for over 10 years. We featured his excellent “Vai Chover” a while back, a beautiful laid-back groove, it’s a sweet calling card for the album a whole, which is a triumph.  Giovani  has a…

The last Crusader

Crusader de Deus – Relações Públicas Don’t know much about these guys except…. 1.They’re called Crusader de Deus 2.This is a super track called Relações Públicas 3.They’re from Sao Paula in Brazil 4.Their new ep is called Clássicos Republicanos 5.They’re on Balaclava Records Weekly YouTube Playlist 2017 Playlist

It’s the era of Giovani Cidreira

Here’s the ridiculously “on” sound of Brazilian superstar-in-the-making Giovani Cidreira with his ultrasweet new single “Vai Chover” (Balaclava Records). Nobody’s gonna rain on his parade! SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 7 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Playlist 2016