Marva Von Theo tunes excite Meo

Marva Von Theo – Dead In Berlin | Live at Death Disco (Part I) From forthcoming debut album A Dream Within a Dream due out in January this is Dead in Berlin from Marva Von Theo. What a performance.Great electronic\synthwave track. Can’t wait to hear the album. Weekly Playlist

I like Elephants and Like Elephants

Like Elephants – Between Dreams and Truth Okay so I have a bit of thing for Alphaville and their Forever Young album. On a completely unrelated topic here’s a great tune called Between Dreams and Truth from Like Elephants. It’s from a new EP of the same title and it’s really excellent. Spotify 2017

Beach Girls and the Monster are waving not drowning

Beach Girls and the Monster – Monsterbeach Hello and welcome to SWIT Theatre Monsterpiece. Today we bring you a deeply disturbing tale of an innocent musician who is accosted by a terrifying beast whilst taking an innocent constitutional on a beach. The beach is somewhere, the monster is somewhere and then they’re both gone, all…

Eugene Delta has written a beltah

Eugene Delta – So Long Eugene Delta is the new project of Emanuel Donner of GIN GA. He’s just released his new 4-track EP “Black Dogs”. Check out the video for lead single “So Long”, it’s an upbeat ballad with a really sweet tune, a fond farewell or a regretted goodbye? It’s hard to tell….

I went for a Wanda and look what I discovered

Wanda – La Ora Di Morta We’re not afraid to admit it here at SWIT HQ (currently broadcasting from the Cliffs of Moher) when we stumble upon something a bit later than we should have (TOM. OFFICE. NOW.) But this has just popped up on one of our label subscriptions and it’s absolutely mindblowingly brilliant….

SWIT Premiere: I wish my POSTMAN delivered songs like this

“I have a strong will to love you for eternity.” ― Milan Kundera, Immortality I was reading “Amazing Things Architects Make When They Aren’t Architecting” on Wired only yesterday. POSTMAN aren’t included, however, they should be. Let’s face it only wannabe architects could have made an LP like Home, a passionate, organic electronica masterpiece that…

SWIT Premiere: Tune Out and Drop In on The Telly

The Telly – Why Not? The Telly is the brainchild of Vienna-based multi-instrumentalist Martin Gupper. You may be familiar with his work because he has many fingers in many pies – for example, Goldsoundz, Cry Baby, Schweiffels Upperclass Shoplifters – you know the list goes on, how does he get any sleep? Judging him by…

SWIT SWEMIERE: Raccoon Rally – Grocery Store

Raccoon Rally – Grocery Store Delighted to premiere this short but perfect track from Raccoon Rally entitled Grocery Store. Raccoon Rally is Tom Gal from Vienna and this is going to be on the slit lp he’s doing with Bird Of The Year out on September 29th via Numavi Records. We featured a track each…

These girls make Aivery fucking big noise

Aivery – Don’t Dare Here’s the kiss-ass Viennese girl trio Aivery (Franziska Schwarz, Jasmin Rilke & Doris Zimmermann). They’ve only gorne and blown the bloody doors off with the buzzcutting “Don’t Dare” from their debut album “Because”, which is just out on Siluh. It’s noisy, in your face, uncompromising and above all, it’s a cracking…

I’ve got a major Crush on this tune

Crush – Please,Please Me Forthcoming single from Crush out August 18th on the always reliable Numavi Records from Vienna. Byrds’ Guitars – Check Reverb – Check Great Melody – Check Super World Indie Tune – Check Soundcloud 2017 Playlist

3 is the magic number: ASFAST w/ SOAP&SKIN x EVELYN PLASCHG

ASFAST w/ SOAP&SKIN x EVELYN PLASCHG Listen to this incredible reworking of ASFAST’s “Drag” from the LP “Peace In Drifts” (Ventil Records). “Drag Shift” is a collaboration with Austrian artists Soap&Skin and Evelyn Plasch. Haunting, ominous and brave, you won’t hear a better or more interesting piece of music today. That’s a SWIT money-back guarantee….