These girls make Aivery fucking big noise

Aivery – Don’t Dare Here’s the kiss-ass Viennese girl trio Aivery (Franziska Schwarz, Jasmin Rilke & Doris Zimmermann). They’ve only gorne and blown the bloody doors off with the buzzcutting “Don’t Dare” from their debut album “Because”, which is just out on Siluh. It’s noisy, in your face, uncompromising and above all, it’s a cracking…

I’ve got a major Crush on this tune

Crush – Please,Please Me Forthcoming single from Crush out August 18th on the always reliable Numavi Records from Vienna. Byrds’ Guitars – Check Reverb – Check Great Melody – Check Super World Indie Tune – Check Soundcloud 2017 Playlist

3 is the magic number: ASFAST w/ SOAP&SKIN x EVELYN PLASCHG

ASFAST w/ SOAP&SKIN x EVELYN PLASCHG Listen to this incredible reworking of ASFAST’s “Drag” from the LP “Peace In Drifts” (Ventil Records). “Drag Shift” is a collaboration with Austrian artists Soap&Skin and Evelyn Plasch. Haunting, ominous and brave, you won’t hear a better or more interesting piece of music today. That’s a SWIT money-back guarantee….

If you don’t listen to this I’m gonna tell Umami

Neuschnee feat. Pippa – Umami Spotting that the SWIT hot air balloon was positioned over Austria this tune was beamed up to to us from Seayou Records. This is the wonderful single Umami from Neuschnee feat. Pippa Galli. It’s out now via Problembär Records (That’s a record number of record labels in one post) The…

Check out Hidden By The Grapes new vine(l)

Hidden By The Grapes -Blossom Tree We love it when bands get in touch with us here at the International SWIT Space Station located today just over central Europe – Austria to be precise. Thanks for telling us about Blossom Tree – Hidden By The Grapes. Great tune and the E-Bow reminds me of the…

I’m a Sloth – Check out the tunes they’ve got.

I’m a Sloth – Titanic We love it here at SWIT HQ when people get in touch. But we really love it when they come armed with tunes like this one from Vienna’s I’m a Sloth.Titanic is one of the tunes of the year – simple. Brilliant track and perfect video. You can hear it…

SWIT SWEMIERE: Dead End Friends – Nora

Dead End Friends – Nora Delighted to premiere the latest video from Austrian outfit Dead End Friends entitled Nora. This is from their album Wrench released last year. Nora’s a massive track with grunge(y) vocals – (they’ve an amazing singer btw) – wonderful psychedelic guitar riffs and a rhythm section that handles the light and…

The goth of small things: Monsterheart

Monsterheart – Sleep This should be the song the field of poppies sings to Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz. Gorgeous. New LP in the fall on Seayou Records of Vienna. WIT YouTube Playlist Week 25 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

This doesn’t Blow

Attic Giant – Blow The excellent Better Call Rob’s latest release is from an Austrian artist called Attic Giant aka Mr. Daniel Tischler. Blow sounds like a mini-symphony with a clever use of various styles and movements that somehow fit perfectly together. A pretty great achievement for a tune that comes in under 4 minutes….

SWIT SWEMIERE: Melt Downer – Mutter

Melt Downer – Mutter Another SWIT exclusive – we’re delighted to premiere the debut release from Austrian three piece Melt Downer.Consisting of Wolfgang Möstl, Mario Zangl (Mile Me Deaf, Killed by 9V Batteries) and Florian Giessau they’ve managed to create one hell of a sound.Mutter is 2 minutes and 48 seconds of pure adrenalised pop/punk…

Love this FLUT cocktail

We love it when people get in touch with us at SWIT HQ and we love it even more when the tracks are this good. This is a massive tune off Vienna’s FLUT’s latest ep Nachtschicht. Out now on Problembär Records (Seayou Entertainment). Love it. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist