SWIT’s Week 24092017: 16 super tunes to hang around your looms

Here’s our best tunes of the week from the motley crew that are Clouds, François Virot, Phern, Raccoon Rally, Valle, Safetalk, Ari, IRAH, Sofia Bolt, In Bear Suits, Bedford Falls, Deep Sky Objects, Kettcar, Erin At Eleven & The Man From Managra! SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 38 SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017 SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017…

Spor is a good one from Ari GuĂ°mundsson

ARI – Spor Ari is an Icelandic musician who was raised by elves and taught music by a group of tone-deaf trolls on an active volcano. So Ari says, which delights us here, given we have moonlighted as druids and are close friends with a number of leprechauns and various others of “the little folk”….