THE SWIT: It’s The Shit.

We have pronounced ourselves “The Shit”. Remember the “The”, it makes a big difference. To back up our audacious claim I present the following evidence, only the best new tunes from around the world m’lud, we’re talking Forever Pavot, Christian Löffler, Autodromo, Arcadian Child, Leoprrrds, Curxes, Micatone, Imarhan, IMustBe Leonardo, The Charlie´s Jacket and 실리카겔…

I’m dangerously beguiled by Arcadian Child

Arcadian Child – She’s On My Mind “She’s On My Mind” by Arcadian Child, from Cyprus, is a strutting, twisted psychedelic beauty. Love the squalling guitars, like sirens out over the eastern Mediterranean. It’s got a sweet break around 1:56 too before it picks up and kicks your ass one more time for good measure….