Aotearoa: 13 great artists from New Zealand

Few asked their friends in for some recommendations of bands from New Zealand. Patrick introduced us to Jaki and Jaki came up with the following list spanning various genres and decades.Thanks Patrick and Thanks Jaki. Jaki also produces and presents her own show Jaki’s Playhouse – Kiwi which is solely dedicated to Kiwi Rock….

andHow.FM (107.5 FM) | Got indie?

SWIT loves listening to the radio and this is our favourite radio station. It’s andHow.FM (107.5 FM) | Got indie? from Porirua, New Zealand. In their own words “No commercials, no logons, no fees, no subscriptions. Just simply some of the best, cutting-edge, indie & retro rock music radio on the planet. 24 hours a day. Everyday.”…