You need to listen to Altocamet at some stage today

Altocamet – El Ascensor Something absolutely wonderful from Mar Del Plata, Argentina, here’s the excellent El Ascensor from Altocamet’s latest remix album (El Ascensor (Outtakes + Rmxs). Can’t stop listening to this. Album out now available to buy via Bancamp on Casa del Puente Discos.

Snap Crackle and Rock – it’s The Crispies

The Crispies (feat. superfertig)- Ring My Doorstep This is class, can we call it struttrock? Purleese! This is Vienna’s The Crispies & superfertig and their atitune “Ring My Doorstep” from the “Death Row Kids” LP (out on Seayou Records). Fresh or sick or something. Whateves. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 12 SWIT Playlist 2017

Walking on the moon with Floating Di Morel

Floating Di Morel Here is the funky, far out, spaced out, disco-fied “White Nights O.T.M.” by legendary Berlin artrocknoiseterrorists Floating Di Morel. It’s from their LP “ULF/FDM” out now on Play Loud! Choose Music, Choose Life, Choose The Moon, Choose Floating Di Morel. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 12 SWIT Playlist 2017

Almost the dirty dozen – Music For Eleven Instruments

Music For Eleven Instruments – Ghost Dogs This is Ghost Dogs from Sicily’s Music For Eleven Instruments from their wonderful “At The Moonshine Park With An Imaginary Orchestra”.Are these the dogs with six legs that spit fire? Is this a great pop tune? Is that a wonderful video? YES YES YES. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week…

Miramode Orchestra feat. Mara Von Ferne

Miramode Orchestra feat. Mara Von Ferne – Tumbler Take a tumble though the Berlin night with the Miramode Orchestra and Mara Von Ferne and check out “Tumbler”, a magical jazz groove, it’s out now on Agogo Records. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 12 SWIT Playlist 2017

Norway should this be ignored – Le SuperHomard v Remington Super 60

Le SuperHomard – Sweet Winter SWIT Favs Le SuperHomard got in touch to let us know that today is the release day of the tribute album for the fantastic Norwegian band Remington Super 60. Here’s their version of Sweet Winter. Excellent cover. And wonderful artwork by the talented Camilla Martinsen. Available now via Cafe Superstar…

Akira Kosemura writes great tunes for ya

Akira Kosemura (featuring Devendra Barnhart) – Someday Latest EP from Tokyo’s Akira Kosemura includes Someday a reworked version featuring Devendra Banhart as a guest vocalist. The original 2016 version is also on the EP – I love them both.

Sparkle & Fade – I love the tunes he’s made.

Sparkle & Fade – Once We Were Dragonflies From latest EP by Sparkle & Fade aka Palash Kothari from Mumbai,India – here’s the gorgeous Once we Were Dragonflies. Out now on Bandcamp.(I’ll let you into a little secret. The whole ep is great)


Tents – Under My Wings We featured Anemone & Paper Lace from the wonderful Tents last December on the release of their EP Under My Wings. We’re delighted to now premiere their new video for the title track of that EP. Filmed in Vienna we see TENTS as “They glide through dark corners and take…

No near Mrs with Mr. Peter Hayden

Mr. Peter Hayden – Rock and Roll Future Off 4th album Eternal Hayden here’s the closing track Rock and Roll Future which these guys definitely have. Great tune. Check it out.

The inhabitants of ancient Philistia R. Missing

R. Missing – Kelly Was a Philistine Here’s the new single “Kelly Was A Philistine”* by NYC’s R. Missing. It’s offa their EP “Unsummering”, maybe that’s when you have your unbirthday? The question is – did Kelly change or did R. Missing change? I don’t have an answer, either way it’s a smashing tune and…

Jumo’s jams are jostling my jeepster

Jumo – Huit Jours Here’s the new single “Huit Jours” by SWIT favouite Jumo. It’s from his fortcoming EP “Dérive” which will be out on Nowadays Records in May. This is classic Jumo, jazz inflected, intricate and beautifully realised. Tres cool, as my grandmother used it say. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 12 SWIT Playlist 2017