Golly gosh it’s a cracker from Pugwash

Pugwash – What Are You Like (feat. Matt Berry) Superior pop from Ireland’s Pugwash. This is What Are You Like featuring Matt Berry off latest album, Silverlake. Check out one of this country’s finest songwriters. Now, where’s the bloody SNOW???? Weekly Playlist Spotify 2017

SAÐÆMØN feat. Lory Fayer should be heard

SAÐÆMØN feat. Lory Fayer – Lady of the Portrait Lory got in touch with us today to tell us about her work with SAÐÆMØN. They’ve collaborated on a new LP where Lory provides the lyrics to SAÐÆMØN’s wonderful soundscapes. The non-instrumental tracks’ vocal duties are shared between Camilla Sombre and Lory Fayer. This is the…

LoE LoF LoN MadE ThiS TunE

LoE LoF LoN Meets Wayne Rex – Level Of Evidence Wanna hear something good but different? Check this out from LoE LoF LoN. I’m late to this so apologies to the artist but better late than never right? RIGHT. This off new album LoE LoF LoN Meets Wayne Rex out now via Bandcamp. Weekly Playlist

Iguana tell you all about Satellite Stories*

Satellite Stories – Chameleon *or Satellite stories are one in a chameleon. [You’re fired. Ed.] “In everything, you say there’s a whisper repeating like a broken note…” Here’s the devilishly catchy new single from Satellite Stories. Beautifully constructed, “Chameleon” is dance-oriented, indie-pop perfection with a nagging guitar line that keeps repeating like a broken note….

Celebrine good friends, come on!

Celebrine – Friends Here it is, the new single from Russian arthouse fantastics Celebrine. “Friends” is a rumination on just that, friendship. It’s Goth Opera (Gothera?), it bold and bright and rather magnificent, the video is like a dystopian “Alice In Wonderland”, you never know who you might meet. It’s from the album “Tristar” –…

Heathcliff,It’s she, It’s Kathi, Ko-ll-mann.

Lake Felix – Leash My Elephant Katharina Kollmann aka Lake Felix got in touch this evening and shared some tunes with us. First one I checked out was this – Leash My Elephant. I’m not joking when I say this is probably the best guitar riff I’ve heard all year. Wow. This is pretty spectacular….

This is no joka this is my 1st time hearing La Habitación Roja

La Habitación Roja – Canción De Amor Definitiva This popped into our subscriptions feed and I’m nightly glad it did. It’s from Valencia’s La Habitation Roja 2001 album Radio and the track’s called Canción De Amor Definitive. Lots of music to delve into. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist

Enjoy Monoplasma in stereo

Monoplasma – No Me Intimidas This is Monoplasma and a track called No Me Intimidas and it’s off their latest album 1. I found this on a Mexican playlist I subscribe to but I’m pretty sure these guys are from LA. Either way I’ve no idea what they are singing about but it’s a great…

I’l gladly pay you Tuesday for The Bergh you give me today

The Bergh – Underground This arrived on our desk first thing this AM from David Palmberg. He told us The Bergh is a collective of musicians playing psychstonerpunkrockish stuff – Members of this band are part of other Swedish bands such as The Sensitives, King Albatross, NORAK, Chikan and many more and now they’ve all…

Go ahead punk make my slate

Clint Slate – Long Way From Home There I was after a long Sunday, looking forward to a hot whiskey and a Havana cigar when I thought I’d take one more look at the mailbox and there it was, this stunning live recording by Clint Slate, it kind of hit me for six, bowled me…

Look back in Angers with VedeTT

VedeTT – Get Off The Road He’s back, and not before time. SWIT favourite VedeTT has just released his new single “Get Off The Road”. Menacing, dark and mesmeric, he drapes the minimalist tune on a skeletal frame of pulsing bass and downbeat keys. The video reflects the melancholy of the song perfectly. A question,…