A mammoth tune from Mammút

Mammút – The Moon Will Never Turn On Me This is a fabulous tune from Iceland’s Mammút. It’s also the second single off their hotly anticipated new album Kinder Versions which will be released on 14th July via the always excellent Bella Union. Soundcloud 2017 Playlist 2017 Spotify Playlist

On the crest of a wave here’s Dangers of the Sea

Dangers of the Sea – You & I Okay so this reminds me of another group who were brilliant at writing seriously hooky and wonderful pop tunes. You & I is a wonderful pop tune and it’s by Dangers of the Sea.It’s out now on V2 records with an album – Our Place in History…

Party Fears Two

Party Fears – Rep We love it when artists get in touch with us at SWIT especially if they’re carrying tunes the calibre of this one from Party Fears. This is the 2nd single of their self titled debut album and it’s a cracker. To be honest you need to check out the whole album….

Acid Waves turn to raves

Acid Waves – Inferno Club Fast becoming one of SWIT’s house bands here’s another track from Mexico’s finest Acid Waves. They just so know how to write great tunes and up the ante once again with this wonderful guitar`dance crossover. If that’s not enough they completely ace the fade in/out at the end too. Love…

Polartropica – No-one can copy ya

Polartropica – Olympia Latest single from Polartropica called Olympia. Everything they release just makes me really happy. I bet if they released some doom metal it would make me really happy. Thankfully they haven’t. Another excellent pop single out now on Lolipop Records. Why aren’t they huge yet? Weekly Playlist Spotify Playlist

Milkywhale’s tunes will never go stale

Milkywhale – Eclipse This is the closing track of Iceland’s Milkywhale’s self-titled album called Eclipse. It’s excellent. It’s still 20 odd degrees here and it’s 11 pm. Waaaahooooo Spotify 2017 Playlist

It’s not without its knockers here’s Hammer on the Door

Treehouse – Hammer on the Door Off their recent excellent Centre of Their World EP (sill never sure if prepositions or other anchoring words should be lowercased) this is the fantastic Hammer on the Door from Hobart’s Treehouse. I could listen to these guys all day, in fact I think I will. It’s 21 Degrees…

Thisa definitely does nota Succi

Giovanni Succi – Con Ghiaccio Good morning everyone. Anyone got any nice plans for the weekend? Dublin Ireland is going to hit 26 degrees tomorrow. Woooooohooooo!I hope all of you SWITzers take care of yourselves in the sun. Hats,suncream etc,,, it’s very important. It’s also very important that you check out this track from Giovanni…

It’s ODD that I haven’t posted this already

ODD – Wake ft. Kate Woodhouse We love it when people get in touch and that’s just what ODD did. And we’re glad he did as this track from his latest ep Without is pretty special. See for yourself! Weekly YouTube Playlist Yearly Playlist

This really hits the Denmark

Tidlige Armbånd – Abstract Good morning everyone and I hope your weekends were excellent. I went looking for something extra special for you guys today and I found it courtesy of Denmark’s Tidlige Armband and this is called Abstract. It’s out now on Aftenrutine and I need to find out more about these guys. Superb….

We’re off to Nether Nether Lands – it’s Van Common

Van Common – This Afternoon We love it here at SWIT when people get in touch and that’s just what Sebastiaan aka Van Common did (just an hour ago in fact) This is hot off the press and it’s called This Afternoon and it’s excellent. Here’s a short bio ‘This Afternoon’ is the debut single…