It’s be a mistake not to listen to U R ERR

Dolorblind – U R ERR From the Delores EP here’s U R ERR from the excellent Dolorblind hailing from New Delhi. Some delicious electronic sounds to be feasted on here. Available now on Bandcamp. SWIT Soundcloud 2017 Playlist

Not just a fad – it’s Belgrad

Belgrad – Schellack und Gewalt This is the superb new single from Belgrad.Schellack und Gewalt kinda reminds me of The Psychedelic Furs. (Speaking of which we here at SWIT support the International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC)). Anyway this is fab and the album is out on September 1st on Zeitstrafe 2017 Weekly Playlist Number 34

Check out KO:MI homies.

KO:MI – Fake and Fraud Original and wonderful best describe this track from Sanna Komi aka KO:MI. Precursor to an album pencilled in for September 2017. Out now on Svart records. 10 Swits out of 10 Weekly Playlist

Frighteningly good tune

Woog Riots – Monstrous Monsters SWIT favs Woog Riots return with a super new single Monstrous Monsters. Electro pop perfection for your delectation Weekly YouTube Playlist Spotify 2017

Hungary for tunes?

Horváth Ádám Márton – The Bird Left This is The Bird Left from Hermit Songs (LP) by Horváth Ádám Márton. Hermit Songs was inspired by a visit at the David Gareja monastery and the book of Peter France: Hermits – The Insights of Solitude. The art work is St. Paul the Hermit by Francisco Collates….

You need to check mate out

Sono – Mate From Porto’s SONO this is a stunning tune. People involved: “It’s sung by Rui Paulino David and by Ana Luisa Fonseca Marques. Ricardo Moreira on Hammond and André Rodrigues on the drums. Produced by Alexandre Braga. Cover art is a close up of a larger illustration by Ana Isabel Lapa.” Well done…

Norway should you ignore this from Sauropod

Sauropod – By The Tree 2 minutes and 50 seconds of pure class from Oslo’s Sauropod.This is By The Tree and it’s excellent guys. Out now on Propeller Recordings. Here’s a live version of the tune in Rohdos Garage. Thanks to Livingroom Gear Demos for the upload. Weekly Playlist Spotify 2017

I’ve got a major Crush on this tune

Crush – Please,Please Me Forthcoming single from Crush out August 18th on the always reliable Numavi Records from Vienna. Byrds’ Guitars – Check Reverb – Check Great Melody – Check Super World Indie Tune – Check Soundcloud 2017 Playlist

Mexican (new) Wave

De Osos – Leve Distorsión en el Aire Stunning new single from Mexico’s De Osos. If you’re looking for a reference point – I’d say in the same sphere as Max Richter. It’s a stunning piece of music. Need to check these guys out more Spotify 2017

Ain’t no Sunshine without Reverberation

Sunshine Reverberation – Centipede Outtake from Norway’s Sunshine Reverberation’s debut album, here’s Centipede. Great track so off I go to check out their album. Single out now on Westergaard Records. 2017 Spotify

Back to the Futuro

Vaya Futuro – Tips Para Ir De Viaje Fan of this from Tijuana's finest Vaya Futuro. Here's Tips Para Ir De Viaje. What's not to like amigos? Weekly Playlist 2017 Spotify

I LOV3 this tune

Phantum feat. 2600 – L0V3 I think this is from Phantum featuring 2600 or 2600 featuring Phantum. Either way I’m pretty sure they’re from Montreal and I’m positive that this is great. 2600 SWITS out of 2600.