Do Go and buy Don’t Go.

Diego Garcia – Don’t Go Suave and cool-sounding this is an excellent tune from Diego Garcia. Don’t Go. Monthly Playlist – Jan 2018 Spotify Playlist

Lasten but first out on SWIT today – Here’s Tove

Lasten Hautausmaa – Tove Just out – the riff grabbed me form the start. This is Lasten Hautausmaa and a tune called Tove. Make you wanna go out. Which i think I will.It’s off new album III out today on SVART! Weekly Playlist Yearly Spotify Playlist

What do you have over there? Oh. It’s a new video by Montero.

Montero – Running Race Great song by the multi-talented Montero. This is Running Race and there’s a new album coming too called Performer, out Feb 23 on Chapter Music.As a reference think Beatles,Beach Boys,XTC and Pugwash, All the greats. This really does deserve the maximum 350 SWITS out of 350. Wonderful viddy too by Sean…

Black Kids are back kids.

Black Kids – Obligatory Drugs By complete chance I decided to look up Black Kids today and nearly fell off my chair when I saw they had actually released something new. You see I completely adored this band’s debut album. I think it’s one of the greatest records ever recorded containing a run of singles…

Woods End it be good to be in your shoes

Woods End – Firewood Woods End got in touch with us and I’m glad they did.This is superb.I adore the album cover too. I asked the guys for some words on it Well, the track is a slower, heavier tune inspired by 16 Horsepower, depicting the struggle of keeping warm during the long winters of…

Meow about this – it’s new from Cats Of Transnistria

Cats Of Transnistria – Tunnel & Candy Man This is Tunnel from SWIT favs Cats Of Transnistria. It’s from forthcoming LP Opium to be released via Solti on February the 2nd. Excellent tuneage. Seeing as it’s Friday we’re throwing in last single Candy Man too.

Holy Now Batman

Holy Now – Feel It All We featured Holy Now when they released their debut single Wake Up back in 2016. I thought it was one of the finest debuts I’ve ever heard. Fast forward to now and here’s the 1st release off their forthcoming debut album due for release in the Spring. Enjoy Feel…

Hungary for tunes? You Belau believe it.

Belau ft. Szécsi Böbe – Redefine It’s lashing rain here in Dublin as we sail down the Liffey in our trusty tugboat. “I miss the summer” says Tom. “Don’t” say I. Belau ft Szécsi Böbe have us covered with Redefine. Weekly Playlist Spotify 2018 Playlist

Damon Eliza Palermo has finished his record and it’s ready to go

Damon Eliza Palermo – Zoa Peak Dali got in touch to tell us about a forthcoming EP release from Damon Eliza Palermo aka Magic Touch. This is the lead single from it called Zoa Peak and the EP – Beacon Of Maracaibo – is available on streaming sites this Friday via Johnkôôl Records. 6 plus…

If it’s Skizzo Frenetik – you know gotta check it

Skizzo Frenetik – Killin’ Time & Aftermath SWIT Fav Skizzo Frenetik released 2 tunes over the turn of the year. Here are both them Enjoy the fantastic Killin’ Time and Aftermath. This guy has more great ideas in one track than most have in an album. Weekly Playlist

Anthony Arthur Friedlander tunes couldn’t be any grander.

Anthony Arthur Friedlander – Summer Flounder We love it here at SWIT when people get in touch and love it even more when they come armed with tunes like this. Introducing Anthony Arthur Friedlander. This is Summer Flounder off his latest release parallelement. The break that follows “I chase the pain back to the Roots”…