Leave your castles and get down to Vassals

Vassals – Soho Here’s the new single “Soho” from Brooklyn’s Vassals. It’s right offa the new EP Halogen Days out now on Audio Antihero. The band are led by by “vocalist/bassist/transgirl” Shay Spence and the the tune is a perfect mixture of guitars, bells, strobe lights, cars driving in tunnels and the sound you don’t…

She’ll go far will Caroline Lazar

Caroline Lazar – Nevermine How a whisper became a roar: This the debut single “Nevermine” from Atlanta’s Caroline Lazar, and what a debut it is. Starting as a whisper, like a country Nick Cave, it builds to a fascinating crescendo. Caroline’s voice is astonishing, taking us on a wild, wild ride. Her first EP is…

I wear my kimono for Murilo Sá & Grande Elenco

Murilo Sá & Grande Elenco Let us introduce you to Murilo Sá and his big band the Grand Elenco, they make a wonderful sound as evidenced by this pretty pretty cool psychedilc funk (funkadelic) number Modo Automático. Murilo hails from Salvador but lives in São Paulo, ain’t they lucky? SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 8 SWIT…

Lonely Walk talk the talk

Lonely Walk – Complaints This is one of the finest tunes I’ve heard thus far in 2017, it’s a distorted, dangerously controlled beauty. Bordeaux’s Lonely Walk won’t be lonely for long if they keep producing gems like this. I certainly have no complaints. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 8 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Playlist 2016

You should choosey Jakuzi

Jakuzi – Geriye Dönemiyor 2nd outing on SWIT here’s the wonderful Jakuzi and a track taken from the album “Fantezi Müzik” out March 24th via City Slang. Superb!  

These Guy write tunes you should buy

Loving this track Hey, What’s The Big Deal?, the second single from Brisbane’s These Guy’s second LP, “WHO IS IT?” out now. Check it all out.  

We get that Spring Feeling with Toby Martin

Toby’s rather splendid new album “Songs from Northam Avenue” was just released today (17022107). We posted his fine single “Spring Feeling” back in November and he featured in our best of 2016, the record certainly lives up to promise of that song. He said of the new LP “I wrote these songs in people’s front…

Another Kracker from Kraków

Kraków Loves Adana – Youth Unbroken I’ll be honest with you Switteroos – these guys have not left my heart unbroken in the last couple of weeks. But that’s another issue. If you want to know why then you Better Call Rob. Boom! Anyway it’s business as usual from the band. They are incapable of…

They’re Gurrrrrrreat

Gurr – #1985 New video for #1985 from Berlin’s Gurr taken off their excellent album from late last year entitled In My Head. Out now via Duchess Box Records

No longer acting the Mick

Mick Harvey feat. Andrea Schroeder – Ich Liebe Dich … Ich Dich Auch Nicht Mick Harvey feat. Andrea Schroeder’s fantastic cover “Ich Liebe Dich … Ich Dich Auch Nicht” of Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Je T’Aime … Moi Non Plus’. This can be found on Mick’s latest album Intoxicated Women out now on Mute. Superb.