Super World Indie Tune Of The Day – Vlimmer brings the glimmer

Super World Indie Tune Of the Day 04.06.2019: “Gesellschaftsrücken” by Vlimmer

Well, the bank holiday is over and what better way to start the working week than with a darkly disturbing cold wave cut? Yes, that’s how we roll here at SWIT HQ. We are delightedly depressed to bring you the premiere of Gesellschaftsrücken* (doesn’t that roll off the English speaking tongue?) by Vlimmer. The song is the first single from the forthcoming double EP “XIII/XIIII”, part of an 18 EP series, based on an 18-chapter book that Vlimmer (Alexander Leonard Donat) wrote. It’s about a young man on a voyage of self-discovery who gets increasingly lost between reality and his distorted mind until he dissolves into nothing. Yeah! Anyways it’s not all as bleak as this would suggest, Alex shows his usual excellent ear for a tune and the pumping beat is addictive, love the spoken interlude too. Everything is released on Alex’s DIY Indie label Blackjack Illuminist.

*From Alex “The word is a composition that is definitely not commonly used in the German language, which is something I regularly try to do with Vlimmer. The word itself means “back of society”, and in the song it expresses that someone is barely seen by others, they are moving behind somebody’s back. Its also about the inability to cope with people due to lack of conversational skills. Like missing the correct words or losing the thread of a conversation.”

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