Super World Indie Tune(s) Of The Day: It’s an Orouni tuney and its driving us loony

Orouni- The Sea Castle & Speedball. Super World Indie Tunes Of The Day -14.09.2018.

Here are two delightful live sessions by Orouni of songs from the 2017 EP “Somewhere in Dreamland”. What to say about Rémi Antoni and his merry band that we have not said before? He is one of the most erudite, thoughtful pop composers at work today. The performances of both The Sea Castle and Speedball are light and beautifully realised and suffused with the obvious joy taken in the performances.

From Rémi –
“Performed using Brazilian (cavaquinho) and West African (balafon) instruments, these songs embody the fruitful concept of ‘otherness’. These two songs played live and acoustic were filmed on a Sunday in May 2018 by Mickaël Adamadorassy for the music website Le Cargo.”

“The two songs would not exist without these instruments from Lusophone and West African cultures. At a time when many European and North American leaders oppose the welcoming of people fleeing their country, these songs are here to remind us that “the other” should not necessarily be viewed as suspicious. A foreigner is often a source of enrichment for the environment he or she integrates, especially when the contributions from those who are already present and those arriving are combined.”

I absolutely love and agree with this sentiment! Well said!

Emma Broughton: vocals, flute
Steffen Charron: guitar
Antoine Kerninon: snare drum
Orouni: balafon, cavaquinho, vocals
Raphaël Thyss: trumpet, omnichord

YouTube Best of 2018

Spotify Best of 2018

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