Super World Interview Time: A bouquet for Tsvetochnyui 15.

Tsvetochnyui 15 is a high pop-art concept, and one of the most creative and original acts we’ve had the pleasure to feature since we started the site 4 years ago. We were delighted to catch up with main man Vladislaw Serezdinow.

One thing, Vlad says “And very soon begin promoting our debut album “Friends Team”. We worked on the material for more than two years. We will release it when we find a good label. Maybe you can help?” Anyone from the labels that follow us – give it a spin!

When did your musical journey begin?

In the modern view of my path, images in the next order are reflected in my head. I can say for sure that it comes from early childhood to the present day. American music of the 80’s on tapes in the stepfather’s old car didn’t seem to make any impression on me. But I was interested in soundtracks for “Mortal Combat”, but not even with soundtracks, rather a cover that shone from the counter. The logo with the dragon placed in a circle, on a black background, in minimalism style a la “Metro Goldwyn Mayer”. Music from this collection also did not impress me.

Then I see the picture, as if a sunny impact in broad daylight of me beats a riff from “Sonne” by Rammstein, playing from the garage of my neighbour. I remember how, shortly before this day, I was strained by everything I listened to from there. I was going somewhere on my business but suddenly stopped in front of the garage. Wow, time has slowed down, my eyes are clouded, I really like the vibe.

At the time when I was at school, I met a like-minded person. We talked about Rammstein, a few years later, together with him gathered the first group, already on other musical preferences. Now, this is the third member of the musician Tsvetochnyui 15. And I’m still inspired by the world created by Till Lindeman, perhaps he set me on the road. Besides him, Jonathan Davis from Korn had a great influence on me.

What does “Flowers Pop” mean to you?

I once thought of creating a new musical branch, I just did it when the time came. For this it was necessary to work very hard. Еach in a manually recorded and processed sound element, mining every sample and composing it all in the calibrated beautiful musical structure that I called “Heart”. Тhis is the engine in which I hear a whole harmonic space of options and variations.

With further manipulation of the main “Нeart” of the sample, it’s sometimes possible to obtain unique, extremely individually structures. Here the atmosphere of the future song is born. I focused on my taste and senses of beauty and then I can be the author of all of the world on a prepared canvas. It looks like I can collect about a thousand variations of different tunes from one heart, it really is, I’m not exaggerating. Roughly speaking, our first album is made so. It’s all about sound. You are first who asked about “Flowers Pop”. Article “Pop” we’re adding, because we don’t wanna fill the underground field, music must be understood by others.
PS: Sorry for a difficult answer on the difficult question.

What is your “manifesto”?

Cool that you ask. Before this question, I had to think about it unconsciously. Тo open invisible things in one’s soul for others in one moment. Grow and develop your own vision of the meaning of life. Fill the void by creating, find new ways. Feeling.

The video for “Fashion” is a brilliant piece of work, how did it come together?

Thanks! It’s so funny for us, in the clip you can see “Flowers Head” it’s so rectilinearly to the title “Tsvetochnyui (15) or Цветочный (15)” in Russian Сyrillic means “Flowers (15)” in English or something like this. So, it’s a big joke in our first work. In the future, you will never see flowers in our concept. This is not about this 🙂 Think “Tsvetochnyui 15” is the implementation of complex and insane ideas in clips. What we’re going to do next will shock you, I’ll promise.

How did you meet?

I meet my companion Arttom in Minsk (Belarus), at the Hockey world championship. I lived there for some time and was trying to make music activity everywhere. He comes to my concert and just start talking with me. He working in iPhone services then and I had a problem with my phone, so we’re meeting again, talking about music and he shows me his own music. We stay connected for many years before I suggested to him to join me on my musical journey. Later he introduced me to Kim. I remember how we heard him play on the drums on the balcony before he said hello to me, I was very tired in this evening, so shortly after meeting, I just fell asleep on his couch.

What is your favourite song that you’ve written and why?

This song called “More Than Just Aa Friends”. I shaved my head soon after composing this, maybe for the first time in life. I feel need to do this for making balance in my universe. It’s so strong and personal lyrics, I could find a thousand way for explains. Musical part, arrangements, vocal moment recording all together very melodically and it’s perfect for me. I’m a perfectionist in an unfavourable environment, and the body always shudders when the melody begins.

Vlad, your voice is amazing, have you had formal vocal training?

Thanks, I appreciate it. Yes, training a lot. From 16 years old until this days. Every person can sing like me, but no one thinks about this way of singing. It’s happened rarely. But I’m enjoying myself. My voice is my big love and the main instrument for creating music. Always felt a calling to share my voice with people.

What song by another artist do you wish you had written and why?

This question is so awesome, that when you send me the list of questions I showed it to my close friends and say about that I dream, that someone asks me about this. I say more, when I was younger and not writing music yet, I was jealous of many artists who had written songs that I wanted to write and I was always upset about that song already existed. Now I think It’s not actually for me because the calm came, but of course, I’m trying to call out a few names.

Pleymo – Moddadiction
Limp Bizkit – Eat Me Alive
Enter Shikari – Live Outside

What artist(s) has been your biggest influence and in what way?

In 2013 Matthew Healy from The 1975 helped me get out of the void of options. I appreciate him for this. I just feel big inspiration inside of me and start realizing it in my own ideas. I say why not? I can make my music and it can be on the world level. I wanna be famous on the world level, of course 🙂

What’s the best new band you’ve heard recently?

Blaue Blume, St. Vincent, Gizmo, Benjamine Clementine, Seventine, Devin Townsend

What, outside of music, influences your art?

I’m a big fan of artworks by Mark Maggiori from Pleymo. But now I heard he playing music again, after a long break. Great. I love shooting video! When we’re releasing the album I wanna create short films about my love of the music of Korn. It’s gonna be awesome, I directed whole scenes already in my head. And also I play the main role, maybe, lol.

And also were already shooting cool video it’s called “Rex” when we have our first tour in Europe in 2017. We’re shooting footage of a man with a bear head in different locations, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Chech Republic. A lot of cool footages. I’ll find a way get film from it.

What is exciting you on the Russian music scene?

Pharaoh, Shortparis, angelic milk, Therr Maitz, Another Mask. And nothing interesting there for me.

What’s your idea of success?

Stop looking for something important in the trends and find  something  precious in your mental idea.

What question would you like to be asked that you never are and what would your answer be?

What song by another artist do you wish you had written and why?
Haha 🙂

When can we expect new music from you?

We’re already released fresh single “Twitter”. And very soon begin promoting our debut album “Friends Team”. We worked on the material for more than two years. We will release it when we find a good label. Maybe you can help?

And a new and enigmatic piece for our gallery – thanks Vlad!

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  1. Tim Deadman says:

    Vladislav is amazing person. So glad to know him personally a long ago. The spectacular way of thinking and very interesting interview. Thank you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Deadman says:

    Vladislav is amazing person. So glad to know him personally a long ago. The spectacular way of thinking and very interesting interview. Thank you so much!


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