Steiner & Madlaina are running around my brain-a

Steiner & Madlaina – Wenn du mir glaubst (Glitterhouse Records) Photo by June Fischer “Wenn du mir glaubst” (If you believe me) is from their debut album ‘Cheers’, coming this October. The Swiss duo are Nora Steiner and Madlaina Pollin and this deliciously skilful sliver of indie-pop brilliance belies their youth and points to a…

Gabriel Kahane creates magic on a train

Gabriel Kahane – “What If I Told You” (Nonesuch) Travelogue is a wonderful LP by THe Human League. It’s also a film, book, or illustrated lecture about the places visited by or experiences of a traveller. It’s also a stock-in-trade device of the folk artist, the wandering mistral, the poet and the corner house bore….