I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them SAMT I am

SAMT – I wue Di / Geh Schleich Di

Top bloke Ronnie Pinkau, from the beautiful and musically sizzling town of Augsburg, contacted us this week about a new release on his small but perfectly-formed label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten.

“I Wü Di” is a pretty direct lustful get over here now siren call. And who could resist? It’s got a gorgeous groove, a wonderfully in you face beat and filthy intentions. It’s class, it’s heating up an already beautiful day here is sunny Dublin.

Flipside “geh schleich dich” literally means: “please leave now …” but the phrase has several connotations in Viennese German and often (and in that case) actually means”go fuck off … as you can imagine it’s a much more angst-ridden affair a musical two-fingered salute to person (or persons) unknown. Today I have a group of people in mind that I would like to play it to. I love it, in order to hear it yourself you’ll have to buy the record which was officially released yesterday I believe.

SAMT are a duo from Vienna and Upper Austria, consisting of Stefan Geissler (keyboard/voice) the Minki Mumu on drums and vocals, also known from the Vienna LoFi-Popband Cry Baby (Fettkakao label) and we are super looking forward to hearing more from them.

Right, I’m off for a very well deserved glass or ten of Vino Collapso in the sunshine, have a great weekend y’all!

SAMT photo by Apollonia T. Bitzan, Artwork by Jasmin Strauss-Aigner (cover design is brilliant)

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