Is that an ocarina I hear in Stephanie’s Magdalena?

Stephanie – Magdalena

I reckon most songs that stretch beyond 4 minutes are too long. Of course, there are rare exceptions, like say David Bowie’s “Statiotostation” or Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman”. Speaking of the latter, it’s perhaps what “Magdalena” reminded me of straight away, it’s a beautifully constructed aural adventure. It really is a journey in sound, a mesmeric evolution, a trance-inducing joy from the first second to the last. If anything I didn’t want it to end – and to top it all it’s Stephanie’s debut! What an entrance 🙂

Magdalena, is available as a free download from Stephanie’s website. The recording includes binaural beats, monaural beats and other sound patterns – visit Sacred Accoustics for more information. Please note that Sacred Acoustics recommends listening while NOT driving or operating machinery so put that electric accordion away right now Gerry!

Soundcloud Playlist 2018

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