Hands up who wants to hear Montauk Hotel’s new single?

Montauk Hotel – Hands

Tommy walked into the offices at SWIT (broadcasting from inside Newgrange this week) supporting a Hollywood-esque Irish brogue and said “Sure there’s music comin’ from up near the well at the top field”
“What the fuck is the problem with your accent Tom?” I replied
“’Tis the curse of the little people don’t you know. They said I’d be left to talk like a thundering eejit till the end of my days unless I do what they say” said Tom
“Hilarious,Tom. What have they asked you to do?” I enquired
“Sure they’ve only gone and asked me to play the new single from Dublin’s Montauk Hotel” said Tom
“Well Fuck it” said I
“And what’s got your goat Gearoid a chara?” said Tom multilingually
“Well I was dying to play this track too – Hands – as it’s got the same wonderful jangled guitars,breezy melody and excellent vocal delivery as we’ve come to expect from the guys” I offered
“The road to Heaven is well signposted, but it’s badly lit at night don’t you know. And sure why is that a conundrum a gra, sure won’t playing it release us both from a fix?” asked Tom
“Yes but I wanted you to keep the stupid accent. Ah fuck it – let’s do it. It’s too good not to share” I conceded.

Old Ancient Irish Sceal
Author – Unknown

You’d do well to catch the guys on this mini tour (before they’re massive) starting on

Paddy’s night (17th March) in The Workman’s Club,Dublin
March 28th – Whelan’s, Dublin
April 5th – The Menagerie, Belfast
April 27th – The Underground, Dublin

2018 Playlist

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