Here’s 10,000 hertz of Friede Merz

Friede Merz – Soho

“I’m looking for my so-and-so”

Well, I know a few so-and-sos to be quite frank, it’s an expression I haven’t heard in a while, nice to make its acquaintance once more. “Soho” by Friede Merz is a love song and a memorial to the London neighbourhood of Soho. Ah yes, and it has to be admitted that we spent many a rainy night there back in the mists of time. This is a really beautiful tune, brimming over with mixed emotions. I love the production too, all atmospheric and deep and the layered vocals are used to striking effect. All is all this is a very accomplished debut from an obviously talented artist. The song is taken from Friede’s new EP “Denmark Street” which is out on Feb 2nd. The rest of the EP, while consistent in tone, veers from the intimate and haunting “Visitor” to the caustic cabaret of “Hannah’s Hands”. Very impressive.

YouTube Playlist 2018

Spotify 2018

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