Here’s another supernova from Peredmova

Peredmova – Самотній Місяць (Lonely Moon)

This is the second time on SWIT (and definitely not the last)for Ukrainian duo Peredmova, one of my favourite bands this year. “Самотній Місяць” (Lonely Moon) is their new single/video on dobryi bober, it’s a dreamlike meditation, all tuneful, layered guitars and breathless call-and-response vocals. The video has some nice Wes Anderson-esque shots as well – It tells the tale of a chance moonlit encounter with a mystical stranger. The band expand on the idea behind the song…”[The Lonely Moon] links to the self-development. The key hero of the music video is the youthful guy trying to figure out who is he and what’s the aim of life…..The song is purifying. It was a late night recording evening: guitars, lots of drums. Candles burnt. It was light powered. We filmed it with Slava Rudenkov in lovely locations.”

And the moon?

“Man seeks to expand his own territory, he comes into contact with other planets; new spaces give original ideas and opportunities. Luna has often been used in literature, music, fine arts to represent the mysterious side of the soul, strength and energy. You can see it’s periodic transformation from the young crescent to the full circle. People develop the same way: from a child to a mature person.”

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