Foreign Owl is no ordinary fowl

Foreign Owl – Pink Nose

Mixing elements of René Magritte, Sparklehorse, Edward Lear and whatever you’re having yourself, Foreign Owl makes quite extraordinary sounds. Take “Pink Nose” for example, it’s a surreal maelstrom of competing ideas, wild creativity, and poetic injustices. What emerges is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year, with a melody so sweet it will make you fall to your knees in the street and cry (don’t forget the umbrella). Thanks to Raymond Gorman of The Everlasting Yeah for pointing us in the Owl direction.

The band from Derry is made up of Eoghan Donegan (Guitar & Vocals) and 2 Hiberno-Japanese brothers Míchéal Okura McCay (Bass & Vocals) & Ciarán Okura McCay (Drums & Vocals). They are a plethora of great bands coming out of Derry at the moment, there must be something in the water, SWIT pronounces it the Reykjavik of Ireland, and that’s official.

Illustration and editing by Clare Okura McCay

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