Rey Mapache is terrifically catchy

Rey Mapache – Bajar

Crescendos, a cascade of drums and terrific guitars. How’s your father? Richer sounds, walls of sound, melody makers par excellence. And all in just one tune, this is Bajar by Rey Mapache. THe band hail from the beautiful Patagonian town of Villa La Angostura, Neuquén. The band are Guillermo Meier, Joaquín Ignacio Brito, Juanse Campos, Tomás “Warro” Venica and Matías Meier. It was Juan who sent this into us and we’re glad he did, it’s a class tune. This is their debut single (video coming soon we think), they’re recording an LP early next year which, they say, will mix vintage garage style, heavy rock riffs and Hip Hop. Sounds fascinating, looking forward ot keeping tabs on these lads. The band were originally called “Mr Mostacho” so a wise decision to change their name, I think we can all agree.

Crescendo, cascade for drums, guitars and how’s your father

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