They love their yeast do 10LEC6

10LEC6 – Bedjem Mebok (Uncensored Video) Being Irish, we are no strangers to pagan rituals, not to mention (which we won’t) human sacrifice (look, Great Aunt Melissa would have only lasted another couple of years at most). In fact, you barely have to mention the Irish god of love, Aengus, and Gerry has his bongos…

Even meet a gazelle at LOV3 MOT3L?

LOV3 MOT3L – Tizzy (SAMES) I got this email from Alf Ralph (swoon) – it said this “My name is Alf Ralph and my band is called LOV3 MOT3L. We used to play together in a three piece ambient band in Scotland we played up and down the country which led to us almost killing…

The Perfect Kiss sends me into megadrive

THE PERFECT KISS – Disconnect We’ve featured them before, doubtless we will feature them again, here’s THE PERFECT KISS with their new video for “Disconnect”, the title track from their new EP (on Elefant Records). This is a masterclass in pop. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 13 SWIT Playlist 2017

The Week 26032017: The 14 best tracks from the last 7 days.

What a week – premieres, brilliant new art, super interviews, great Live, a Norwegian journey and these 14 sparkling tunes from As Longitude, Suumoo, Stone Dead, Altocamet, The Crispies, Floating Di Morel, Music For Eleven Instruments, Miramode Orchestra, Le SuperHomard, Akira Kosemura, sparkle & fade, mr. peter hayden, R. Missing and Jumo. Friends, Romans, countrymen,…

Blauer Part should top the chart

As Longitude – Blauer Part Title track from As Longitude’s latest EP released via the fantastic knekelhuis. Electronic perfection. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist        

Wojna take a listen to this

Suumoo – Wojna 2nd song from Polish band’s Suumoo’s latest ep – here’s the wonderful Wojna. They’re from Lublin and we’re from Dublin. There must be something bubblin’ Weekly Playlist Yearly Playlist  

Super World Interview Time – Here’s Σtella, she’s not smoking a Πanatela

photo by Takis Spyropoulos Stella Chronopoulou, better known by her stage name Σtella, is a  singer-songwriter, musician and painter. Born and raised in Athens she completed her studies in the Athens School of Fine Arts, as well as starting to write music. In 2011, she formed  Fever Kids with Alex Zabaras.  Their first single “Holding Grass”…

This track will knock you Stone Dead

Stone Dead – Blooze Cracking album opener from Portugal’s Stone Dead. Here’s Blooze from latest LP Good Boys out now on Lovers & Lollypops. Guitar music at it’s best. Weekly Playlist 2017 Spotify Playlist

You need to listen to Altocamet at some stage today

Altocamet – El Ascensor Something absolutely wonderful from Mar Del Plata, Argentina, here’s the excellent El Ascensor from Altocamet’s latest remix album (El Ascensor (Outtakes + Rmxs). Can’t stop listening to this. Album out now available to buy via Bancamp on Casa del Puente Discos.

Snap Crackle and Rock – it’s The Crispies

The Crispies (feat. superfertig)- Ring My Doorstep This is class, can we call it struttrock? Purleese! This is Vienna’s The Crispies & superfertig and their atitune “Ring My Doorstep” from the “Death Row Kids” LP (out on Seayou Records). Fresh or sick or something. Whateves. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 12 SWIT Playlist 2017

The The – Live at the Royal Albert Hall, 1990

Setlist 0:00 Infected 4:38 Sweet Bird Of Truth 9:45 Good Morning Beautiful 17:09 I’ve Been Waiting For Tomorrow (All Of My Life) 21:56 Out Of The Blue (Into The Fire) 26:45 The Sinking Feeling 30:50 GIANT 36:46 Another Boy Drowning 43:59 Beyond Love   Thanks to deFugas Toxically for the upload!