SWIT Swemiere: The Loch Ness Mouse – Overnite (Scritti Politti cover)

“Writing, producing and recording a full album takes its time, and also has the consequence, for me at last, that quite a long stretch of life will have a focus that excludes most other things. So when our new record was out last January, it was nice to switch to a completely different mind set. We started to experiment with a few covers, but the first one that really ignited some special sparks was this Scritti Politti song “Overnite”, originally from their album “Provision”. Anyone trying to do a cover version of a favorite band will face the obvious question of whether you are actually able to contribute anything to an already perfect song or production, of course. But our take on it became that we both tried to do it a bit easier than our own last album production wise and also, as opposed to the very thoroughly programmed and synthetic original, played it in a very analog manner and wanted to keep it very open, and quite simply arranged.”

Ole – The Loch Ness Mouse.

SWIT has little to add to that except to say it really is a beautiful version and we’re delighted Ole gave us the opportunity to premiere the song. It’s released tomorrow (9th December 2016).

Recorded and mixed in Tune-J Tonstudio 2016 by Ole Johannes Åleskjær
Art work by Rolf Jansson
Design by Kjetil Tangen
Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen/Propeller
Song written by Green Gartside/David Gamson

Svein Bergsaune: bass, piano and Wurlitzer
Kristoffer Solvang: drums and percussion
Christina Høgetveit: vocals
Ole Johannes Åleskjær: acoustic guitars, electric guitar and vocals


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