SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: Sara Parkmans Skog

Hello , here’s our album of the week – it’s Sara Parkmans Skog by …well…Sara Parkman of course. This is a beautiful record, fusing modern electronic music with authentic Swedish folk to stunning effect. As Sara says below it is a patchwork and one that is put together with great love and care. What is really astonishing, given the quality of the songwriting and the gifted playing, is that it’s a debut album.

We asked Sara to give us a some background on the record. She kindly responded thus –

I wrote most these songs while attending the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm, in reaction to the conservative high culture environment I encountered there which caused me to need to create a room of my own where I was in charge of all the rules, melodies and desires. Then my BFF in all things music, Hampus Norén, entered the project and we set off to an old mental hospital in middle of Sweden and started compiling the songs into an album.  I brought my raw Swedish folk tunes, Hampus added some dirty synthesizers, I wanted some Hallelujah-choirs, he said ”more emotion!” and thusly it went on….We were inclined to create a patchwork, a wildwood containing all the things we love and the pattern became our music. Traditional folk-music for 2016.”

Old mental hospitals really seem to work well as creative spaces, I wonder why.

Also – check out this interview Sara did with SVENSK FOLKMUSIK. Use Google Translate and it come out pretty well 🙂

Finally, and most importantly – here’s the album – It’s just amazing!

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