SSSH! – Send a Song to SWIT Here!

Calling all artists out there. If you’d like us to check out your music then SSSH! you can Send a Song to SWIT Here! We’re particularly interested in acts from outside the US and UK as we feel the rest of the world doesn’t get as much coverage as it deserves. Hence Super World Indie…


PAVVLA – This Is Not A Movie Off debut LP Creatures here’s the wonderful PAVVLA and This Is Not A Movie. Some words on the video “The video follows two young women who meet by chance and fall in love, but their story lasts while darkness lasts. When daylight breaks in the movie, it finishes…

Try not to fight it – Here’s Mortalcombat

Mortalcombat – Beau et Décadent Mortalcombat is a new project by César (BRNS, Italian Boyfriend) and Sarah (Italian Boyfriend). Here’s their first single Beau et Décadent.How good is this in terms of SWITs? Well my brother in law gives it the full 17 SWITS out of 17. That’s massive and rightly so. Out now on…

I went for a Wanda and look what I discovered

Wanda – La Ora Di Morta We’re not afraid to admit it here at SWIT HQ (currently broadcasting from the Cliffs of Moher) when we stumble upon something a bit later than we should have (TOM. OFFICE. NOW.) But this has just popped up on one of our label subscriptions and it’s absolutely mindblowingly brilliant….

We need to have a chattanoogie about SHOESHINE

SHOESHINE – Monalysa Mona Lisa lost her smile, the painter’s hands are trembling now…probably because they’re suffering GBH at the hands of these noisesome Belgian indie rockers, SHOESHINE. Angular, jagged, persistent and downright contrary please do check out their new video for Monalysa. They keep knocking at my door, they’re kicking in my windows… The…

I’m the Celt who loves May Roosevelt

May Roosevelt – Air “Air” is the new single by May Roosevelt from forthcoming LP “Junea” out on October 23 via Inner Ear. So much happens in Air’s 5:32, it’s a journey, an electronic symphony, a minimalist Gregorian chant, it flows through steel cathedrals, deep underwater and skirts the highest peaks, it’s ominous and enchanting….

Cut the BS and try A Slice Of Life

A Slice Of Life- demo ep Dirk Vreys dropped us a line “my band A Slice Of Life is rehearsing in Antwerp for about a year and we played our first gigs last week. We will be playing on the last day of W-Festival 2018 next summer, the biggest new wave festival in Belgium including…

We don’t like to crow but we love Jane Doe

Jane Doe – Midnight Spell Anna De Andreis dropped us a line “I would like to send you a song by my band, Jane Doe.The song is titled “Midnight Spell”, and is the first song of our first EP, Midnight Spell.I liked your page, of course!” Well, it would be rude not to. Midnight Spell…

Henna Emilia & Houreet have conjured up a treat.

Henna Emilia & Houreet – Ameeba 98 seconds of Super World Indie Tuneage. Henna Emilia & Houreet are from Finland and this is off their latest EP Beibi, Mä Oon Pilalla. Love the rolling chord structure of Ameeba. S Spotify Weekly Playlist

I cannot let go of this track by Gdeto

Gdeto – Suddenly 2nd outing on SWIT and for a good reason. One of my favourite artists currently producing music, here’s the wonderful Suddenly off Gdeto’s Pillow Book EP. The video was filmed in Sofia, Aneliya’s grandfather’s town. Cannot recommend this highly enough. Check it out. Weekly YouTube Playlist